Vendor Rating and Score Card

  • Configurable Supplier Rating Model

  • Assessment Based On Quality, Delivery and Demerit Factors

  • Assessment Data Visible To Suppliers

  • Multiple Stake Holders Can Upload Their Data

  • Single Window For Monitoring Assessment Of All Suppliers

  • MIS and Analytics

When multiple vendors are supplying multiple parts governed by stringent quality requirements, then the assessment of vendors is required to identify weak areas that need improvement.

Supplier assessment is done based on quality performance, delivery performance, audit observations if any and demerit factors. Together they form a score to indicate the overall performance of the supplier.

The supplier assessment done at the customer is visible to suppliers so that additional information exchange is not required.

For supplier assessment, multiple stake holder update data or data is interfaced with multiple data sources. In the OpExWorks model of supplier assessment, access is available to all stake holders and multiple data interfacing is possible to create an assessment report in real time.

The single window provided for monitoring supplier assessment of all vendors and dashboard for understanding trends and weak areas for gross improvements, while detailed reports provide opportunities for micro improvements.

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