Technical Compliance

  • Compliances - Customer or Self required

  • One time and periodical compliances

  • Paperless with online document upload & view

  • Alerts for due and overdue compliances

  • Assessment of supplier compliances

  • MIS and Analytics

Here we define part wise compliances to be done, they can either by suggested by Customer or you may be monitoring these compliances. Compliances are either one time or periodical with supporting document upload. Periodical compliances are to be done at a fixed interval of time. For example

1. PPAP, Process flow chart, FMEA and Control plan are one time compliances

2. Layout inspection to be done once a month

3. RM Inspection to be done once a week

4. SPC to be done once in three months

5. MSA to be done once in three months

Periodical compliances are tasks that are scheduled every time they are due with email alerts. Assessment of supplier compliances with a rating can be done by customers.

Single window for analytics like compliances planned and completed, pending compliances, aging analysis, overdue & delayed completion.

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