Small Size Manufacturer

  • Quality Improvement

  • Productivity Improvement

  • Machines Downtime Reduction

  • Customer Concerns Resolution

  • Improvements-Kaizen, Capa & Pokayoke

  • Gauge Calibration & Maintenance

  • Improvement Projects & Tasks

  • Edge Network and IOT

  • Audit and Compliance

  • Machine To Mobile

  • Advanced Analytics

Being at the bottom of manufacturing value chain, you have inherent issues because of size of business. You have a typical set of issues including high attrition rate, investment potential, IT infrastructure availability, Consultants availability, Over dependence on one person and many others

Excellence in your operations is driven by your customers whose demands are increasing in this era of digital manufacturing. Pressures on Quality, Cost and Delivery are tremendous

With OpExWorks framework for operations managment you can deal with these issues in simple and robust way. Deploy OpExWorks RIYO software suite and create a world class manufacturing operations framework adhering to global practices and international standards

A paperless working environment created with our solutions improves efficiency of activities in Quality, Productivity and Maintenance management with predictive analytics and timely alerts

Challenges faced and solutions provided

What To Expect

  • Quality Improvement
  • A closed loop framework for quality management for Quality Planning, Concern Resolution, Inspections, Gauge Calibration, Audits, Kaizen, CAPA, Pokayoke, Final Inspection with PDI,PPM Analysis & many others

  • Productivity Improvement

  • Machines and Dies / Tools Maintenance

  • Customer Concern Resolution
  • Customer Compliances

  • Gauges Calibration and Maintenance

  • Improvement Projects and tasks

  • Edge Network and IOT

  • Audit Non Conformities and Compliance

  • Machine To Mobile

  • Advanced and Predictive Analytics

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