Concern Management

  • Concern Registration By Customer

  • Analysis Of Concern In 8D Format

  • Improvement In Kaizen, CAPA or Pokayoke By Supplier

  • Visibility Of Supplier Actions To Customers

  • Assessment Of Supplier Actions

  • MIS and Analytics

Concern management module allows a customer to raise concerns for suppliers using supplier portal with a direct interface with suppliers' Quality Management System. The supplier receives an email for the concern with quantity affected.

2 options are available for root cause analysis which includes 6W2H analysis and 8D analysis. Based on the analysis supplier can identify improvement opportunities either in the form of Kaizen, CAPA or Pokayoke.

A complete framework of improvement management is available with suppliers and any action completed by a supplier is visible to the customer.

Customer can assess suppliers' actions on the concern resolution and can either accept or decline. If their action is accepted then the concern is closed in suppliers QMS and if declined then concern remains open in suppliers QMS.

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