Change Management and Deviations

  • Part Wise Defined Set Of 4M Specifications

  • Suppliers Can Request A Deviation

  • Customer Can Assess The Impact And Approve

  • History Of Supplier Wise Part Deviations Granted

  • Single Window For Monitoring All Deviations At All Suppliers

  • MIS and Analytics

Customers define Man, Machine, Material and Method specifications for each part and suppliers agree to adhere to the same while developing a new component. But while in production there are instances where a change in the given specifications of 4M are required without affecting the quality and functional parameters of the part.

Suppliers can raise a request for such change required to customers and customers can assess this request and based on its merit either can accept the deviation or decline the deviation. History of all deviations granted to suppliers is maintained which becomes handy while reviewing suppliers' performance.

For time based deviations alerts are sent to suppliers regarding the validity of the deviation.

Using a single window and dashboard customers can monitor the deviations granted to suppliers and their status.

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