RIYO e learning FAQ

Frequently Asked question?

1.How is the course conducted and what is the course structure?

This course is an ONLINE course of 3 months duration with

  • Online text content
  • Online videos on course topics
  • Live webinars – 2 webinars per week
  • Live query resolution session with faculty – 4 sessions per week
  • Access to a portal for Quality, Production and Maintenance management used by 500 + manufacturing companies
  • Assignments on real life manufacturing system on portal
  • Assistance in assignment completion
  • Multiple choice question bank on all topics
  • Online examination for course assessment
  • Certification
  • 2. What is the duration of course ?

    3 Months or 12 weeks from the date of joining. You can join the course any time.

    3. Who should join this course?
  • Fresh engineers looking for employment opportunity in reputed manufacturing company
  • Working engineers looking for better career prospects and growth
  • 4. What will I achieve after completing this course ?

    You will become well conversant with the latest tools and techniques used in world class manufacturing system, will stand out in crowd and become a preferred candidate of manufacturing companies

    You will have not only read, learned the new methods of modern manufacturing but will also use the manufacturing system used by 500+ manufacturing companies in their day to operations for Quality management, Productivity Management and Maintenance management.

    5. What are the prerequisites for joining this course ?

    You should be an engineer, either degree holder or diploma holder, looking for better employment opportunity in manufacturing companies Students from branches like Mechanical, Production, Industrial Engineering, Electrical, Electronics etc. should take up this course.

    6. I am a fresher, how this course will help me ?

    You become well aware of the manufacturing systems used in modern manufacturing organizations and get hands on practice on systems used by these manufacturing companies. You stand a better chance of getting employment in these manufacturing companies. With this you start your professional journey on a larger scale rather than from a small company and save few years in securing employment in company of your choice.

    7. I am working in manufacturing, how this course can help me in my career growth ?

    All large and multi national companies deploy lean and world class manufacturing methods at their plants. They expect all new employees should be well knowledgeable in these methods.

    After completing this course you understand modern manufacturing systems and have experience of systems used by these manufacturing companies. You become a preferred candidate of these manufacturing companies and climb few steps faster in career path.

    8. Will I get certificate after completing this course ?

    Yes, OpExWorks Solutions Pvt. Ltd will issue a certificate after completion of course subjected to your satisfactorily completing all assignments and clearing online examination.

    9. How I will get exposure to real life manufacturing systems ?

    Every participant in this course is given access to RIYO portal, which is used by 500+ manufacturing companies for their quality, productivity and maintenance management. Participants have to complete given assignments on the portal, which gives them real life experience of how the work is done in manufacturing companies.

    10. When can I join the course ?

    Any time. This is beauty of online e learning courses. You can take up this course any time as per your work schedule or examination schedule and job related priorities.

    11. What computer setup required to take up this course ?

    You only require a computer (Desktop/ Laptop) with internet connection

    12. What if I miss any portion of the course ?

    This concept of online learning is anytime anywhere learning and at will. Even if you miss a topic for any reason that does not make any difference, You can continue ahead from where you had left earlier.

    13. Is an examination conducted after course completion ?

    Yes, OpExWorks conducts an online examination in multiple choice question format on course topics.

    14. How can I resolve my queries ?

    There are two ways in which you can get your queries resolved.

    OpExWorks conducts 4 weekly online sessions. Students / Participants can join these sessions any number of time and ask direct questions to our faculties and get queries resolved.

    15. Can I get face to face discuss opportunity with faculties ?

    OpExWorks conducts 4 weekly online sessions. Students can join these sessions any number of time and ask direct questions to our faculties and get queries resolved.

    16. Do I have to complete assignments during the course ?

    There 12 assignments given to every participant, 1 assignment per week. The assignment document can be downloaded from the portal and actual resolution is done on the portal to get experience on real life manufacturing systems.

    17. How are the assignments completed and assessed ?

    As you complete the assignments on the portal, our expert team will assess them for proper completion, content and your understanding of the concept

    18. We are a manufacturing company, Can I nominate my employees in group ?

    Yes, you can enroll your employees to this course in group. Many companies have included this course as a part of onboarding process of their new employees.

    19. Will I be able to monitor or view progress and assignments of my employees ?

    Yes, As a company you get a special access which enables you to view the progress made on assignments by your team. Moreover as a company your team can take up assignments from your company itself an get the answers to issues / problems you may be facing.

    20. Do I have to attend any lectures online on fixed time table ?

    No. The course material consists of online text content and videos which you can study and watch when you find time.

    Query resolution sessions and weekly webinars will be conducted on fixed schedule. There are 2 webinars and 4 query resolution sessions.

    21. How much time is required for this course every day ?

    There is no specific time you need to give every day, as it is anytime, anywhere and at will learning you can study as your work or study schedule allows. On an average you will need to spend 8 to 10 hours per week.

    22. What the language for the course ?

    English is the course language at the moment.

    23. What course material accessible to me after completion of the course ?

    After completion of the course in 3 months we continue to have access to all course material and RIYO portal for another 3 months to stay in touch with what you have learned.

    24. How many people can use one account ?

    Only one person can use one account. Each participant will be able to access only one account.

    25. What if I want to re-attend webinar for specific topics ?

    Yes, you may attend the next time it is organized again.

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