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RIYO – Quality, Productivity and Maintenance

Improve performance and competitiveness by improving quality, reducing costs and achieving on demand delivery of your parts to customers by deploying RIYO software suite with portal and mobile app for plant operations monitoring.

RIYO CONNECT – Machine to Mobile Affordable IoT

Achieve optimum outcomes from plant for actual production against planned with effective monitoring of hourly production quantities and production process losses with real-time data sharing, visibility and alerts with IoT connectivity

Supplier Excellence and SQA

Improve effective with assured expected outcomes from all activities for supplier excellence and supper quality assurance by creating a framework for paperless real time data sharing between plant and suppliers.

Audit and Compliance Management

Deploy a proactive framework for ensuring defined conformance and compliance by automating audit process and compliances submission by multiple stake holders to prevent risks, defaults and losses of operations and assets.

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Success Stories

Supplier Excellence in Automotive OEM Supply Chain

Learn how the world's third largest 2 wheeler manufacturer and largest 3 wheeler manufacturer Bajaj Auto Ltd. deployed OpExWorks framework and transformed their operations for supplier excellence and SQA with paperless collaboration in supply chain.

Supplier Excellence for Tier I / Tier II Suppliers

Learn how these leading Tier I suppliers to almost all major Automotive OEM brands in India are collaborating for efficiency and effectiveness improvement with their Tier II child parts suppliers and found a new way for SQA activities.

Audit and Compliances in Large Supply Chain

Learn how a large manufacturing company, Bajaj Auto Ltd. transformed its manual audit and compliance management process to a completely paperless with real time data visibility & analytics and achieved highest value addition.



Bajaj Auto Ltd.

Learn how Bajaj Auto Ltd. improved the efficiency of the supply chain by effectively achieving excellence and better control over supplier quality.

Knorr Bremse

Improved efficiency of the supply chain by our vendor management platform and improved efficiency of operation by deploying our manufacturing execution system.

Badve Group

A leading Tier I supplier to major automotive OEM brands in India have benefitted with better control over supplier operations and supplier activities management.

Yeshshree Group

A leading 2 wheeler and 3 wheeler frame and sheet metal assemblies manufacturer in India catering to needs of almost all 2/3 wheeler OEM brands in India have deployed OpExWorks Solutions in all group plants.


A leading automotive Tier I supplier in India with 50+ manufacturing facilities supplying to almost all automotive OEM’s in India improved efficiency of supply chain activities by deploying OpExWorks framework.

Metalman Group

With 8 manufacturing facilities in India, Metalman Group improved effectiveness of supplier excellence activities and supplier quality by deploying OpExWorks Solutions at all Plants of the group.

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